Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Countdown to Buffy Reunion at Paley

You lucky few
No, I'm not going to be at the Buffy Reunion on Thursday, either. Didn't get a ticket, couldn't have arranged flights/childcare/vast sums of money in time. I did get excited, thinking that there was going to be a live feed of the event, but these hopes were soon dashed. There might be a DVD at some stage, but even this is not certain. However, let's not be too bitter. The fact that so many of the cast and even Joss (bow down!) himself is going to be there is cause for celebration even if we can't witness it ourselves first-hand. Let's imagine the positivity that will be flowing and claim a little for ourselves. And while you're in the mood, why not send in a question suggestion (say that very fast three times!) for the panel at the Paley website. We might never know whether our questions were asked but I'm already inventing great one-liners to mine....I only wish I had Joss' Journal for now - but, of course, he hasn't written it down yet and my contact won't get access to it until Joss does his next archive. We'll just have to wait to hear how Joss is preparing himself, I guess.

Star Wait-ing no more!
And it has finally arrived! In a wonderful piece of cosmic confluence Star Wait has arrived just as we finished watching BSG series 2. Battlestar Galactica has been on heavy duty DVD action over the past few nights (I've got the sleep deprivation to prove it) so Star Wait will cleanse the palate before starting back on Dr Who series 1. Hopefully, if the matches can hold my blood-shot eyes open long enough, I will be watching this tonight. So, the answer is out there, and could soon be mine!

Battlestar Galactica Fantastica
Yeah well, you try making something of the BSG title..I've enjoyed seasons 1 & 2 and now I've got to get the cash for 3. It would be rude not to. There is so much going on and there are levels of meaning for all persuasions so I would recommend anyone giving BSG a go. I've heard from some sources that season 3 isn't as good, but I'd rather find out for myself. Yes, it's true that I only got the DVDs 'cos I had read that Joss really liked the series which makes me some sort of sheep-type consumer-monkey, but I'm not apologising. As reported on Whedonesque today, Joss actually wanted to direct the BSG season finale but work commitments made it unlikely. Work commitments? Pah! He should try herding several kids on Spring Break while working, blogging, and watching BSG DVDs....And don't worry I'm not going to put any spoilers up for anything - I'm so behind that I don't expect anyone to know anything about anything. I wouldn't even tell anyone that Angel is, in fact, a vampire for fear of ruining it for a new viewer....

Dollhouse updates
Dollverse has some good snippets of what's going on, Dollhouse-wise. With production apparently set for April 23rd and Kelly Manners now joining the crew, we can be pretty sure that Joss is not letting Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog interfere with Dollhouse. Which is good news, everyone.

Joss Journal Jan 08
The days are so short they merge into one. I'll be glad when I can actually get out and see the sun. I might actually turn to dust by then, but I'm willing to take the chance. I'm not even sure what date it is - everything is by the deadline. 2 days until the final score is due, 6 until my head explodes etc. But it's all good. Might have to up the sleep quotient to 6 today....