Saturday, March 29, 2008

How do you make a hole in the wall?

It's been one of those days today...
Sorry if you caught the rather random part-blog I posted in error a bit ago. Technology, eh? Still, I fared rather better than the wife of an unnamed man described in (spied on Technorati). He attempted to drill the hole needed for his satellite installation by shooting his gun through the wall. He wife was on the other side of the wall and the shot killed her. Not much you can say about that except 'Wha..?'

So, DVD recorders then. How straightforward are they?
As predicted yesterday, I did not resort to using the instruction book when I set up the DVD recorder. Nope. I am Geek! I rule technology! Ok, there were a couple of teething problems, but I put that down to the bad layout of the remote control. Why don't they do them with an ergonomic design? There's a business opportunity for someone.

Who won?
Anyway, it's 45 mins to go before the Battlestar Galactica hour yesterday on Space and I need to set up the machine so it will record. Get the channels scanned ok and now to practice. And to make sure that the channels are really set properly let's record from Space channel, which is showing Battlestar in 30 mins. I get the channel set up (oh look - gross tapeworms! Naturegeek motherload!) Ok, when the next break comes on I'll check the recording. Yes! We have fantastic shots of parasites! Best try again, just to double-check. Switch off recording and what's on the TV? James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar) talking about the show. Help! Must switch channels! No! Wrong remote! Oh no! Drop remote and batteries ping out! Much swearing, fumbling of remotes and panic ensue. Hubby is next to me averting his eyes and laughing so hard he can't hear the TV.

Yes, but who won?
Eventually I manage to turn off the TV ("Shut down all the DVD recorders and TVs on the detention level 2! No, shut them all down! Hurry!) and after berating hubby (who's only cogent comment is "At least you can put it in your blog...") I go back to check the DVD has recorded. And guess who appears on the screen? Yes, it's James Callis again, still telling me about the show! Argh! In my fumbling I must have managed to record the preview I was trying so hard not to watch. A trembling hand turns off the TV. 5 mins to go....

The jury is out...
So, did it record ok? I guess so. It should have done...I don't know! I can't check it without the chance of seeing something I don't want to, so I'm going to have to trust to luck and wait until I've finished Season 3. Or record it again tomorrow when it's repeated!

Joss' Journal update
Now I know you've been waiting for the next installment from Joss' journal and frankly, so have I. The latest batch is now in my possession (best not to ask) but I need to do some edits because I don't want to give anything away regarding Doctor Horrible. And to be honest, some of the entries are a little short and weird. Perhaps the stress is getting to Joss. I can tell you that Minion #1 becomes an important player!