Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good morning Moonrise

The earth says hello
Ok, so it doesn't quite fit, but special mention to Moonrise/FollowMal for the great comment yesterday. Fair cheered me up! Just when you think it's just you and the 'bots...And up for grabs today is a special mention next time for anyone who can correctly identify which of the rest of the headings is NOT a line from the musical!

Gliddy glub gloopy
Still no word/sound/sight from of Star Wait, but that is somehow fitting, I guess. I'll send another email and we'll see how long it takes. And the blog is now official as it is currently listed in Google. Now I just have to find out why I have 33 'URLs restricted by robots.txt' errors. Life is never simple!

Sabba sibby sabba
And loving all things Joss I have found a new (!), great series. I mean, you probably hadn't heard but they have remade/reinvented Battlestar Galactica and Joss has said it's his favourite thing on TV at the moment (you can check it out for yourself in his journal, below). So I bought season 1 and guess what - it IS fantastic! That's not to say I like it better than Firefly/Serenity, it's really gripping but totally different. Different, too, from the original series that I watched as a kid (obviously I was very young then), but nice to see a familiar face from then popping up in an unexpected place! I'm glad this wasn't cancelled (though still ticked off Firefly was).

Eeny oony wana
And guess where the main Serenity Con is this year? Yep - England (London to be precise). Now we've moved over to Canada it isn't as convenient as it would have been this time last year, but c'est la vie. It's called 'Serenity Complete' at Starfury April 11-13. And Battlestar will be there too...I'm still hoping there might be a big Canadian shindig over Vancouver way some time, we'll just have to hope Jewel has a hankering after her home town.

Tooby ooby walla
If you're in the U.S. and you haven't already seen Firefly (shame on you, but nevermind) you can now access it using HULU. This is a great way to see what I've been going on about for yourself and it's absolutely free. And legal! has posts about it and it appears that the residuals get paid to the writers/actors/etc so it's a win-win-win. If you've not seen it yet get on over there and try it. The only drawback is that I don't think it works if you're in another country, but if you try it and it works outside the U.S. please let me know.

Nibby nabby noopy
You ready for another excerpt from Joss' Journal? 'Course you are. Today we are looking Dec 07. Joss is in a pensive mood in the run up to Christmas. What could be bothering him....?

Joss' Journal Dec 07
I had that dream again last night. It started, as always, with Bruce and Cybill kissing in 'Moonlighting', thus ending the only reason to continue, segues into Daphne and Niles smooching and then, the horror, Buffy and Angel reunited for ever in some demonic plot-twist that allows them unending bliss. No wonder I wake in a cold sweat! I guess it's the strike plus fear over what Dollhouse romances might happen that fuelled it, I know that. But still. Scary. Hope Eliza'a birthday bash will take my mind off it - wonder if I should buy her a joint birthday/Christmas pressie? Better ask Minion #1 for advice....