Thursday, March 20, 2008

Countdown to Buffy Reunion at Paley Center

The Wish
The Buffy Reunion is nearly here and I bet there are lines already...Like many, many fans I won't be there but I sincerely wish I was. The Paley has updated their site today to show that 'The Futon' will be live-blogging from the event, so that will be the place to go tonight for all us wannabees. My wish list for the Reunion tonight:
  • All the stars are well and get there in plenty of time to be relaxed (no nightmare travel disasters!)
  • All the cast, crew and, of course, Joss, realise how much Buffy means to everyone there (and all the ones who couldn't be there)
  • That all the Paley's recording equipment is working so that we get the DVD release with all the delicious extras!
  • That the questions are received and answered in the spirit they were made
  • That everyone has a great time reliving the highs and lows of the seasons and that we hear some new production stories
  • That Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day pop in and we hear more about Dr Horrible (well, it's my list and I can hope!).
  • That everyone, fan and star alike, enjoys the Reunion and that it doesn't blur past them too much

I'm not wishing for my questions to be asked because I'm sure there are better ones, and let's face it, the way the panel plays off each other they may only have time for three questions the whole night! I can't wait to get the first reports back tomorrow...