Friday, March 21, 2008

Paley Buffy Reunion reports start coming in...

So, it's all over
Yes, the Reunion has happened and everyone has gone their separate ways again. Even, presumably, the people who lined up outside the Paley (some reportedly from the night before) waiting, against all hope, for a last minute cancellation. And according to the comments and first-hand reports on Whedonesque at least a couple did make it in from the line. The comments and fake event blogs here are very funny and well worth a read. Whedonesque has a comprehensive set of links to all the Reunion reports on today's front page, as is fitting for such a great Joss Whedon resource site. Please note that all the reports may contain spoilers about Buffy Season 8 comics but I haven't put any here.

Who said what to whom?
There isn't a full transcript of the evening available anywhere at the moment (and there may never be), and each of the reports has broadly the same comments, but seen from different angles. The Futon Critic has the 'live blog' that was not posted live (as some of us thought it might be), but is presented in time-order. It seems very comprehensive and does try to capture the spirit of what undoubtedly was an incredible evening. The TV Guide report is shorter and views things from a different angle, and the great thing about this is that it promises to have a video report from the Reunion up on their site by the end of the day. I wonder if it will have any of the Buffy stars in it?!

New things we might not have known before:

  • Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt used to refer to Sarah Michelle Gellar as 'Jimmy Stewart'. This appears to have been a surprise to Sarah but she was reassured that it was a compliment because James Stewart is renown for his ability to convey strong emotion and tears so convincingly.
  • Joss has thought about a 'Buffy - the musical' stageshow, but no plans other than daydreaming about that. Sarah appeared to count herself out of that one.
  • Joss likes to ask people to go for a walk with him. This can lead to 'you're fired - ha, ha, that's a joke, have a great new opportunity on my next big thing'. He also like to do this on the phone (this happened to Charisma Carpenter and Marti Noxon, respectively). I guess that's better than a text...!
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar likes the South Park movie and soundtrack.

Did Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog get a mention? Indeed it got the tiniest of mentions. Joss was reportedly a little late because he had just come from wrapping the shoot of Dr Horrible. Joss said he didn't know when/where it was coming out but that it was 'awesome'. And Marti Noxon has a small part (it wasn't mentioned whether she would be with or sans underwear...!)

Reading all these reports has left me feeling a little tired and emotional. Getting all those people together, even if Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku (who were both expected) couldn't make it, was a great achievement. The anticipation of the event was real and exciting for me even if I wasn't there myself, but now it's over. It feels almost as bad as starting to watch Buffy Season 7 knowing it is the end of it all. But then again, it wasn't the end, was it? We have the comics. And Reunions. And, who knows - the musical!? And with all the new work Joss is doing/has plans for, we can be reassured that we will be well-served with intelligent and emotion-wringing fare for a good long while to come.

Post Script
Notice how I didn't try to wedge a plug for Serenity in the above? Don't you think that shows a great deal of restraint?