Monday, March 31, 2008

Follow ups galore!

The world is spinning fast, n'est pas?
Take a deep breath and let's take a look now at some of the items we've covered over the last few weeks and find out what (if anything) is new...

Operation Full Burn
As I was neatly reminded yesterday, posted about the 'Day of Action' called for by Operation Full Burn (a campaign to show Universal how popular Serenity is and how many people want a sequel). I'm sure that all you Browncoats out there have already joined the the Universal HD message boards by now? No?! Well get yourself over there right now and join! And while you are there take a moment to consider the number of threads and posts on the Firefly boards against those of the other shows. Firefly has 808 topics and 11,741 replies. The next closest show is Battlestar Galactica which has 16 topics and 45 replies.

All you have to do is join the Firefly message board and then log in on Saturday April 5th just before 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, just before they start to air the first epsisode in glorious HD. There is talk of having using the message boards to host an online chat at the same time, so I'll keep you posted about that.

Star Wait and the liningup people
Not so much luck here, I'm afraid. I've still been unable to contact any of the people and my other lead appears to not be interested. But I will persist!

I've not written that much about Dollhouse recently, what with my head getting all spinned about by Doctor Horrible. His Blog I mean, not Doctor Horrible himself...Anyway, filming should be starting very soon and a quick trip to Dollverse confirms that filming is scheduled for 23rd April. There is lots of other news about cast a crew on Dollverse and DollhouseTV.

Joss' Whedon's Journal
We return to Joss' Journal today, where Joss is in a contemplative mood about the strike...

Joss' Journal January 17 08
Yes, this not working is really hard at the moment. I'm so busy I've forgotten what my home looks like in daylight. The Strike is taking it's toll on morale etc but onwards and upwards! Everyone gets why we need to do this so it's just a question of digging in and making sure we get the message to the other side. Note to self: must shout 'Panda Fur' at next picket.
And what doesn't help is that there is dissension in the Minion ranks. Apparently I said that Minion #1 could play 'homeless #30' or something in the New Thing, and now they all want a part. Well, I don't remember saying that - I could have said that they look like a homeless (as a joke), but really, have them in front of a camera? My camera? Conflict a go-go...