Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day

A slice of the action
Yes today is international Pi day, being the 14th of March and so in the American dating system it's 3.14. Along with many other things, it seems, I only found this out after watching another one of my 'Christmas DVDs', but this time 'Futurama: Bender's big score'. Naturally, being a massive fan of Futurama I've watched all the bonus material (that Hypnotoad - what a star!) including the informative and highly enjoyable math(s) lecture. Even for a math(s)-spanner such as myself the math(s) lecture was really interesting and well worth the effort of watching, especially if you want reassurance that, in fact, there are people more geeky than you. The next Futurama 'The Beast with a Billion Backs' is set to be released on DVD in June - good news everyone!

How long is yours?
I can manage the standard 3.14, but after that it goes a bit hazy. I'm not a math(s) geek so numbers just don't do it for me. But I like patterns and I can sort of understand how someone might want to memorise Pi to 100 places. Sort of. The BBC website has a fun article about Pi day and what to look out for.

Length and diameter - it matters
There is even an official Pi day website that has a plethora of information including the Pi(ano) Song where the digits of Pi are mapped to notes. We all know how important Pi is so if you do nothing else today, you are officially allowed to have your Pi and eat it.

Joss' Journal Dec 07 (cont'd)
So much to do, so little time/motivation/reason. No writing but...Hey, my guitar playing is coming along and long lunches, you got'em! People seem to be under the impression that I'm sat at home/cafe/bathroom doing nothing but studying my belly button but I've never been busier. Well, there was that time when...but yes, very very very busy. Organising, cajoling, listening, ringing, thinking, planning, eating - these activities take time. And I want a good family Christmas this year, all the trimmings etc and apparently that doesn't 'just happen', you have to prepare for it.

Then there's the parties, presents, friends to catch up with.....Minion #2 has been quite busy running around buying stuff, but that is the idea. Maybe I shouldn't have asked him to buy his own pressie, though. Maybe I should say that was obviously a joke and get him something else. Actually, I have some Darkhorse stuff in the garage, I'll sign a couple and present them - I'm sure he will be thrilled and if not, he can ebay them and spend the money. Must be worth a couple bucks. Jeez - is that the time?! Where's that phone..."Jane, you got a min...."

Woody's roundup
Happy birthday Einstein. Still no Star Wait, BSG Series 2 looking good so far but reminds me more and more of 'Bladerunner', Nathan still cute, no Con sorted yet. Spring Break nearly upon us!