Monday, March 10, 2008

Joss' thought machine

In your head
What would you give to know what Joss is thinking? Money? A minor organ? A major organ? Yep, it's a tough old question. Imagine being able to see into the Master's mind (I mean Joss', not, you know, The Master from Buffy). To follow the complicated and inspiring thought processes, the higher levels of intellect that undoubtedly reside within that revered cranium. A tantalising prospect, I think you would agree. A tempting prospect.

Heart is taking over
So what I have to share is something a bit,'ll have to read it and draw your own conclusions I guess. Everyone in fandom has done something a bit mad/weird/borderline legal in pursuit of their quarry. And so many are pursuing Joss. He has become almost mythical in his own lifetime. His latest series, Dollhouse, was dreamt up during a bathroom break while at lunch with Eliza Dushku. Truly he is a Titan (AE) amongst us.

Who are we mistaken
So let me present, for your delectation, delight and diversion, a glimpse into the mind of Mr Joseph Hill Whedon (Joss, to you and me). A sliver of his journal, a minuscule trickle from the river of consciousness.....

Joss's Journal - Feb 08
Man, good to know that we can still negotiate and win! Victory (of sorts) is ours!
It will feel soooooo goooooood to tune up the old neurons and dust off the quills. Eliza has been ringing, like, twice a day asking if it's over yet so she was over-the-moon when she heard.
Started ringing round only to realise that everyone had already heard on that gorramit Interweb
and were already churning out the words. Always back to the words. Better put my gee-tar down for a little whiles.

Now, where did I put those Dollhouse notes? And where's the phone? Serendipitous indeed for
me that Sarah and Liz were so cruelly cut just when I was looking for more writers. I wonder
if I'll have to get the doughnuts. Have a rep to keep up there, and it's always me that wants the Jelly ones...And what's the Harvard Independent anyway? Like I care if they diss BTVS8! Must remember them at the Paley this year. Now, when was that again? Not next week! Noooooo! Gotta work!

O - Not next week! Silly moi. I knew that. Where's the phone?


Heady stuff, I'm sure you'll agree! Obviously I can't give all the good stuff straight away and some might never see the light of day. Yes, very funny, putting it here means it won't ever see the light of day anyway but I am so over that self-deprecating humour now. The blog's here and it's staying. End of.

Woody's roundup
So, in other news now listed on Google (yay!), Star Wait not arrived yet (boo!), ordered my copy of Serenity: Better days signed by Nathan Fillion on ebay for Kids Need To Read, stopped throwing up (double yay).