Monday, March 17, 2008

Dr Horrible's (pre) Sing-along Blog

Happy St Patrick's day
And what a day it's been. After Joss posted on Whedonesque yesterday confirming that he was, indeed, in the process of filming three 10-minute musical shorts for the Internet called Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog the message boards and blogs have been absolutely buzzing. Excitement such as we have not seen in a long time. This morning I searched Google using the full title and got 30, 000 results, now we are up to 70,800 and I expect this to rise and rise.

Felicia's Day
...started early when she posted on her fantastic site The Flog confirming that she was in the process of shooting at the moment and it was a brilliant experience (despite the cold toes). And check out The Guild, a very funny (and perhaps cautionary) series starring Felicia that is currently up for Yahoo and YouTube Awards. Go vote - do a good thing.

Nathan Fillion's
...not, so far, posted anything regarding Dr Horrible's etc etc but I'm sure he won't want to be left out for too long so as soon as I find anything I'll let you know. I hope he gets the space to Blog in his tight schedule. He does sing, though, which will be a moving experience, I'm sure.

Neil (St) Patrick Harris
...apparently let the cat out of the bag in the first place and his fans have gone into speculation overdrive. But it's all such good stuff that I'm sure there was no problem about the story breaking.

It's a wrap
After such a busy day just a quick blog. After reading/posting/reading again all over the place I'm plum tuckered out. Time for a Guinness while we contemplate the rising anticipation and savour the expectation that the next few weeks will bring. Happy times.

Joss' Journal Jan 08 sometime
Ever started something that you wish you hadn't? Me too, but this ain't one of them! After such a great family holiday season it's back to the family work. Sometime it does rule to be me, but I am still my humble self. As I said to Minion #3 just yesterday, you gotta remember the little guy. Or was it Minion #2? Anyways, life is good and I got some positive vibes going. Now, if only I could find my phone or my notes or my latest demo I'd be sorted. Bet Z has nicked my cell again...