Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Felicia Chat Transcript up plus 'geek bus' news

Whedonage have put Sunday's chat with Felicia on the site 
Simon has done a really good job of making it easy reading. And when you consider there were so many people vying to ask Felicia a question, that's no mean feat! As is becoming customary with Whedon-related online events, the server took a hit and was disabled temporarily but the whole event was a big success. There's a full description of the chat-fest plus a link to the transcript on Whedonage. Felicia answered my question once I managed to get logged in:

Improv and Being Human
[12:01:13]   worldofhiglet:   was my question asked?
[12:01:24]   FeliciaDay:   higlet what's your question
[12:01:36]   worldofhiglet:   Hi Felicia, I'm a big admirer of you and all your works :) One thing I would like to ask is did you (or anyone else) do any improvisation during the filming of Dr Horrible or was it all tightly scripted? And will you be doing some more Being Humans improv in the future?
[12:01:47]   worldofhiglet:   thanks, felicia
[12:01:58]   Simon:   She's been trying to ask for a while :)
[12:02:04]   Dr Blog Bot:   good question!
[12:02:11]   FeliciaDay:   It was all scripted every one
[12:02:17]   FeliciaDay:   every line
[12:02:24]   worldofhiglet:   wow
[12:02:25]   FeliciaDay:   there are some funnnnny outtakes for the DVD though :)
[12:02:38]   FeliciaDay:   Yes, there will be more live improv with my group "Being Humans"
[12:02:47]   FeliciaDay:   I took this month off because I was swamped
[12:02:53]   maxsummers:   I really wanna see an outtakes of 'the hammer is...'
[12:02:54]   FeliciaDay:   but I love doing live improv, it's so risky and so fun
[12:02:57]   worldofhiglet:   cool - thanks so much for that :)
[12:03:04]   FeliciaDay:   ya, that will be great ;)
[12:03:56]   FeliciaDay:   I want to do a streaming thing when the DVD comes out
[12:04:02]   darthziv:   i'll make sure to buy the DVD.... just make sure to visit israel to sign it :)
[12:04:06]   FeliciaDay:   on uverse or something
[12:04:08]   Buffyverse:   That'd be great

Felicia had lots more to say about Dr Horrible and you can find it all on Whedonage.

Blog News
Well, some of you will notice that I've changed the template on the Blog. I'm trying to sort out a 3-column arrangement for the blog and I've found a site that allows you to do this, but you need to start with this template. I don't like the way the layout works at the moment with everything in a big line on the right, so I'm hoping the s=3 columns will make it more balanced. I quite like this new template so some time soon I'll do the second, much more complicated stage. But not just yet!

Other news
We're getting some very welcome visitors from England tomorrow who will be staying with us for the next two weeks. This means less time for the blogging side of life, but it is only temporary. And there's more blogging news. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Now, back to the house cleaning!