Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr Horrible slays Whedonesque!

It isn't World Domination - yet...
With over 5 times the maximum traffic allowed for the website hitting it already today, Whedonesque is temporarily out of service as notified on MySpace this afternoon:

Dr Horrible slays Whedonesque

Hey guys,

Whedonesque.com is down due to the overwhelming interest in Dr Horrible. Our host has disabled the database and says our traffic is 5x the maximum allowed. So we're working very hard to move to another server. This will hopefully not take too long, within the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, feel free to join 
whedonesque.org, our forum.

Such is the power of Doctor Horrible... As the world has come online today the overwhelming numbers of fans first brought the Official Site down and now it has claimed Whedonesque. But fear not. Whedonesque.com will be back in the next couple of days, and drhorrible.com will be back up and running today, once their 'monster server' is online. Check out the Official fansite at doctorhorrible.net for all the latest information.