Monday, July 28, 2008

See Dr Horrible - the whole series is up - no Torrents!

Yes, It's True!
Dr Horrible Tweeted me (and, admittedly a whole lot of other people) about 1 hour ago:

'Looky what we have here:'

And where does that link go to, you might ask? Well, click and find out. It just might take you to the whole Series on Hulu, where you can view for free the whole thing at once. And it's still so awesome....

Now, before you get your proverbial knickers in a twist, remember that Dr Horrible loves you even if you don't live in the US. So go to my other post 'I've seen Doctor Horrible Part 1! It ROCKS!' for a way to watch if you (like me) live other than in the States.

And while you're watching Part I don't forget to look out for the remote control Dr Horrible uses. I'll have more information about that tomorrow. Did I mention my EXCLUSIVE interview yet? No? Well, maybe I will tomorrow....