Monday, July 21, 2008

You WILL be using these Horrible expressions by Fall

In spring 2000, a little-known actor named Chris Walken walked onto the set of Saturday Night Live and urged Will Ferrell to play the cowbell. Eight years later, the phrase “more cowbell” persists as a synonym for “remedy.” Do you know what "bring the frozen yoghurt" means? No? Then you need this list - you will not have seen it before!

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Considering Dr Horrible has not made much impression on Digg so far- see 'Digg Should be Buried' for more information on that, it's probably a vain hope that this will do any better. But it is a great list on BlogSchmog and any person, fan of Dr Horrible or not, can enjoy the prospect of using some neat new expressions in their casual conversations. And when people look at you blankly you then get the even better experience of telling how great Dr Horrible is. It's a win-win. Now, go Digg!