Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Freakily Horrible (in a good way) Week

As you are reading this, Dr Horrible may have disappeared
Well, free access on the Dr Horrible website might have gone, anyway. It's due to finish at 12.00 Midnight Eastern time tonight (July 20th) (which is goodness knows when - timezones are not my strong suit as evidenced in my earlier posts today!). Dr Horrible has tweeted this afternoon that it might be up a little bit longer than that but I wouldn't leave it to chance - watch it NOW!

It's been a rollercoaster of a week
The excitement of the launch of Act I on (what for me was) Monday night only to find it wouldn't work because I was in Canada, then finding an IP workaround and watching it straight away. Waking up on Tuesday to find the Dr Horrible server had crashed so no-one could watch it and the tension while the new 'monster' server geared up. Then the release of Act II on Wednesday and how smooth that was, and how GREAT Act II was (Nathan Fillion delivering the Best. Line. Ever.). And on Friday the prospect of two exclusive interviews: Felicia and then Maurissa and Jed on plus the release of Act III. The emotions of the final Act and the fan aftermath. All the posts on the Fan Site. Creating a Dr Horrible room in FriendFeed. And then - the question session on Whedonage with Felicia Day today. Phew!

What was it like, then?
Well, once I had realised that I had less than an hour to edit all my questions into one, kick-ass question, the panic set in :) Everyone on Whedonage was really helpful and as 10.00 am (here) came nearer more people started arriving. Felicia Tweeted that she had just rolled out of bed (fully made up, with hair smooth and shining, no doubt - she's an actor, after all) and she entered the chat room at exactly 10.02. And then asked if she was late - gotta love that girl! Unfortunately not long after that the host server went into meltdown and everyone got kicked out, which was a real shame. 

Fear not, though, because it was a temporary thing. Simon from Whedonage got it back up and running and the questions were put to Felicia without any further problems. Well, for the people in the chatroom, anyway. Bad luck for me that my often-temperamental wifi decided to play up, leaving me shouting at modem, ISP and anything else in the vicinity. Bless. When I got back online  - Lo - there was a Twitter Private Message in my inbox from - gasp - Felicia telling me that the chat was back on. That made it all worthwhile and I headed back to Whedonage. By then the VIP room was full but I waited and chatted to the very friendly mod (whose name I have totally forgotten - so sorry!) and finally got my chance. 

And yes, Felicia answered my questions. And yes, she really is as funny and down-to-earth as she appears to be. There will be a full transcript of the chat available fromWhedonage later this week, and that's not to be missed! Felicia has even joined the Dr Horrible room I set up in FriendFeed, and you can, too. Just go to the FriendFeed Dr Horrible room and join. If you're not a member of FriendFeed it's very easy to set up. 

So that's been my Horrible week. Pretty great, huh?

EDIT: My subscription email from Joss'd the Podcast has arrived with more Horrible news - Joss himself is doing a live chat tomorrow (Monday 21st July). See the Joss'd article for more details. I've sent my question in!