Saturday, May 24, 2008

100th Post plus other stuff

Didn't think we'd make it this far.
Back in February when I started this little Blog I didn't have any idea. Did it show? Possibly. Why did I do it at all? Well, there were many reasons. I realised that there was a whole world of interest for me that was simply passing me by. After being a very early adopter of the Internet I had fallen by the wayside. I only used it as a tool for work and not for what it was meant to be - a big ole sandpit. This was prompted by watching 'Firefly' for the first time and realising there had been whole fan campaigns that I barely knew about. It was a call to action, and I jumped right in.

Still in the closet?
Back then I would have classified myself as a firm closet geek with no intention or desire to change that. But now? Well, in my online life I'm firmly out there, geeking it up with the rest of them, and enjoying it wholeheartedly. This is spilling out into my 'real' life and you know what, it's not that scary. Small steps, but I think it's progress. And after the Serenity Screening in Vancouver on 22nd June who knows what might happen? I might even tell my mum that I Blog :)

Things I like
I've made so many discoveries on the way, I'm not going to list them here (that would be what all those other posts are about....!). But here are some highlights:

I've meet great people, made some interesting and life-affirming discoveries and had a blast in the process. And a big 'Thank you' to all the people who have commented on my Blogs, it really has made all the difference - it's all about the interaction!

Is that it, then?
Looking at the above, it's almost as if I'm getting ready to bow out of the Blogging business. Well I'm not about to do that just yet - in fact, it feels like I've only just started! There is so much still left to do - my first Fan Screening is booked but what about my first Fan Convention? Setting up my own domain so I can host both Blogs there and getting my freelance writing website sorted, getting another Serenity movie made, winning on Halo....there is much to do.