Sunday, May 4, 2008

Captain Reynold's Dogtag: You Could Own It! Plus FireFly MeetUp

It's true - Cap'n Malcolm Reynold's Dogtag up for Auction!
Kids Need To Read have announced their new auction and it promises to be a hotly-contested one. A new '57th Overlanders, SERGEANT REYNOLDS, MALCOLM' dogtag (plus chain), signed by Nathan Fillion is now on offer on eBay. Bidding has already started and the auction is open until May 9, 2008. It looks fantastic so get over to eBay quick-smart and get your bid in!

I've taken my first step into a larger world....
So then, yesterday. Quite a packed day with one thing another. Took a trip into the big city (Vancouver) to finally meet up with my FireFly MeetUp group. I'd not managed to attend any of the other meetings and I was determined to get there yesterday. After quite a bit of travelling and our first trip on the SkyTrain me and eldest daughter* arrived in Vancouver. A bit unsure of directions we asked the first person (who was English - of course!) and we headed off to Soho Billiards. We arrived a trifle late (about an hour) but the group was still there. Serena and Gayle gave us a wonderfully warm welcome, introduced us to the group and then we settled down to eat and chat. As well as the Browncoats there was also Stargate Atlantis and BSG/13th Colony representatives. I've never been to anything like that before and I really had no idea what to expect.

So, how was it?
Great! A chance to talk about the show, speculate about what was going to happen at the end of BSG (conclusions: who knows how it will end? The only certain thing is that we won't be expecting it!). And plans for the big Vancouver charity Serenity screening on June 22nd for Can't Stop The Serenity are coming on apace. It promises to be a great event and I'm buying my tickets this week to make sure - I don't want to miss out on it! We also saw Serena knitting the most gorgeous tiny Jayne hats. Made me want to start knitting again. Except you can't type and knit at the same time...Thanks to everyone who made me and #1 daughter so welcome!

Free Comic Book Day
After we had talked and laughed and speculated a bunch of us headed off to Elfsar Comics to look in on what was going down. The place was buzzing and The Joker and friends were there to help with out selections. Now I know you want to know - were there free comics? Yes, there were! A table at the back was laid out with a variety of special comics that you could pick from. Elfsar were doing a special deal whereby you got 5 from the selection just for showing up. If you made a donation to the Food Bank you got to pick another 5 comics, something from the table AND enter your name into a prize drawer. And so I came home leaden with comics and a 'Resident Evil' tee-shirt. Elfsar is packed with goodies and very welcoming. I had my 9-year-old daughter with me and she was right at home, looking at the action figures and asking for money (they're so cute at that age!). She was quite mortified on the way home, though, as we had to stand on the SkyTrain and I dropped all my comics on the floor. Ah well, the teens who helped pick them up pretended not to be looking at the titles with amusement, and I pretended that I wasn't embarrassed, so the rest of the journey was uneventful in comparison. A great day out.

FireFly release on Blu-ray is confirmed
Whedonesque have posted that you can pre-order from Amazon.

*Yes, yes, grammar-nerds! I know this is the incorrect form! It should be 'my eldest daughter and I ' but that sounds just plain wrong in an informal blog. No points for spotting all the other incorrect uses, either...