Thursday, May 8, 2008

Practical Parenting: Geek-Style plus Morena Baccarin new role

Following in your footsteps.
The joys of parenthood: the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the chance to dress your offspring up in 'cute but geek' clothes....Rachel, from Pink Raygun gives us 'Help me Obi Mom: Five Ways to Grow a Fan Girl/Boy'. This is a practical guide to help ensure your kids inherit your geek-like tendencies and covers essentials such as dressing for (geek) success and encouraging suitable first words. Words such as 'Redrum' and 'Frak'. They all point to a solid foundation for future geekery. And, of course, it also covers the very important issue of when and what to expose children to, culture-wise.

Set the foundations
This is a tricky area and one that needs some thought. As a young kid I hid from Doctor Who but loved it just the same. Thunderbirds, Star Trek (TOS) , UFO, Time Tunnel, The Invisible Man and The Invaders to name a few, were essential viewing when I was growing up (thankfully my mum loved the right TV programs!). Being weaned on such offerings all but guaranteed that I would grow up to be the fully-rounded person I am now. Rachel advises caution and I agree - Darth Vader and The Master can be scary to youngsters. But sometimes unexpected things cause problems, too. My kids love Futurama and laughed like drains at Robot Santa, but when Ziodberg eats a guinea-pig in 'Anthology of Interest' there were tears aplenty! Kids, eh?!

Cast your vote also has a poll open at the moment: What's The Best Scifi Show To Get Your Kid Hooked On?. It has all the usual suspects such as Doctor Who and Star Trek. But guess which program is now winning? Firefly! Yay! I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that the link was posted on Whedonesque yesterday...But why stop at TV? Somewhere there must be a 'Geek ABC', 'Math for the geek baby' and 'First steps in Quantum Physics - hardboard edition'. If not, there should be. I can see it now - Galactica ABCs - 'A' is for 'Adama', 'B' is for 'Battlestar', 'C' is for 'Centurion', 'D' is for 'Destruction of the human race'...

Morena Baccarin news
Whedonesque has also posted the news that Morena Baccarin (who played the beautiful and intelligent Inara in Firefly) has a new role in an ABC law drama. She is going to play the female lead in a new, as yet untitled, David Hemingson pilot about a LA boutique law firm.