Friday, May 23, 2008

Jewel Staite Q & A, Plus - No BSG!

A week to reflect
Battlestar Galactica is not on tonight but will return next week. So, has this final season lived up to the enormously high expectations I had for it so far? Well mostly, yes. Without going into any details there has been some stunning set-pieces and some absolute jaw-dropping moments, and we were left with a cliff-hanger last week that really took me by surprise. There has been less explosions and more inferences and dark looks, but I don't mind that, especially if it is all building up to some spectacular fireworks.

What would YOU ask Jewel Staite?
It's getting closer to the Serenity Screenings and in Vancouver we are lucky enough to have Jewel Staite attending a Q & A before the screening. This is a real honour and makes the event even more special. I'm not sure how the Q & A works and I've never been to a panel (or any other type of event like this) so I don't know what to expect. So if I got the chance, what would I ask? What would you ask Jewel?

Waiting for the Post
I've been spending time on the Universal HD Message Boards. I have mentioned them before because of the Saturday Shindigs over there. Quite simply, these message boards have been set up by UNIVERSAL - the studio that funded Serenity, the studio that has the rights to Serenity, the studio that could produce a sequel, or three. Being active on these boards is important because the more activity, the more unique people over there, the more Universal can see there is support for a sequel (see this thread for more information). So Cordrone, one of the Moderators, suggested that I ask if Jewel knew about the Universal HD message boards. Because if any of the Actors (or Joss himself, he'd be welcome too...) posted on the Board it would really help to persuade Browncoats to rally to that one point (as well as all the other places we hang out at the moment). And it would send a message to Universal, too. So, if I get the chance I will ask Jewel if she knows about all the message board like the Universal one, and whether she would ever post on one. Worth a try, don't you think?