Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Guild Improv really happening! Plus: Twitter-ye-not

It's true! - First one Tomorrow Night!
Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh (who play Codex, Vork and Zaboo in 'The Guild') will be appearing as the Improvision Group 'Being Humans' (name nice) for three dates: Friday May 2nd, 9th, and 16th at 10.30 PM. Felicia has already said that her stage work this year is going to be very limited so now is your chance to see her live - being funny! Anyone who has seen 'The Guild' outtakes will know that Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh are seriously funny people. So the prospect of some live on-stage action between the three of them is exciting indeed. Yes.

Where is it, then?
The shows are all at the Westside Eclectic Theatre in Santa Monica (which apparently is near LA, or California, or somewhere like that), and you can find out all the address details etc on Honestly, if I could think of a way I could be there I would be there, but I hope they'll be videoing them, at least. And hopefully the next episode 'The Guild' will be out soon, since, by my calculations it's Thursday today, and the new one was scheduled for Wednesday (according to Felicia on HowIWow). Though it could be next Wednesday. Actually probably Wednesday 14th May.

Twitter go boom
Well I've been waiting to use the 'Twitter ye not' strap for a while but today's the day. According to Twitter Status they've gone and lost a database server which has meant patchy Twitter access. A bit careless to lose it, don't you think? Have they tried the back of the sofa? It's a mixed blessing, really. In theory I should get more work done because there's less updates to look at, but then I end up checking to see if it's working yet! Still, I am doing my best to use it the way it was supposed to be used. Whatever that was again.

Being Human
Couldn't resist a quick Google of 'Being Humans' (The Guild's improv group) just in case there was something there and I came across this in New Scientist. Draw your own conclusions, but it's an interesting article! (And I certainly did not say that the photo reminded me of anyone, perhaps having a bad hair day...)