Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'The Guild' End-of-Season 1: Blizzards of Fun!

The excitement is mounting...
We are nearing the end of Season 1 for 'The Guild', with the final episode scheduled for release next week. As usual the cast and crew have been working hard to keep everything rolling with interviews, visits, forums and site updates. They've won awards, self-funded the whole first season and there's so much Guildy goodness for you to check out:

The Da!ly Quest (on Curse.com) interview with Kim Evey and Felicia Day. Some really indepth questions about The Guild, how it came to be made and what's behind the characters. Essential reading for any Guilder (Guildee?).

Patrick Rothfuss, Author of “Name of the Wind” interviewed by Felicia for her blog, this is a the first in a 'mutual interview' series, and is very illuminating on the issue of writing and fantasy in general.

Felicia interviewed by Patrick Rothfuss for his blog is another great interview that covers Felicia the violinist, the writer, the actor and also Doctor Horrible and Joss. What more could you ask!

“The Guild” Visits Blizzard! The whole team went visit Blizzard (who created World of Warcraft) and had a brilliant time. Jeff Lewis (Vork) has written up a very entertaining account of the trip and then there is follow-up on The Guild forums. Felicia has also said that after the visit half the cast have started to play WoW...

HowIWoW - great podcast interview with Felicia (which I have already reviewed, here and here!)

Being Humans, an Improv group featuring Felicia, Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) have a series of three performances. The second one is this Friday (the 9th May), so if you are in the LA area check out the details and go have some fun.

Heineken Ad with Viji Nathan (Avinashi - Zaboo's mum)
Movie Mob - Robin Thorsen (Clara) and her best friend Michael review movies (you can vote each week to keep them as reviewers)

WatchTheGuild.com March round-up of links

Canyon-news interview with Greg Benson (director) - just because it's interesting to see all other things he's done...

So, lots to get your teeth into there until the last episode....how will the season end?!

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