Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Power of Whedon-esque!

So how's that new Blog doing, then?
You have to laugh, and I was laughing this morning. Last night I posted the new article "Future Entertainment Part 1: Reviewing 'The Guild'" on my Wordpress Blog (the new one I told you about yesterday) thinking, well I might get a few kind souls from this Blog clicking on to check it out. So imagine my surprise when I checked the Wordpress Stats this morning and found that in the 10 hours since I'd posted I'd had over 100 hits....well over 100. Obviously my first thought was that WordPress had confused the stats with another site but then a quick look at the traffic source showed the reason - there's a link on Whedonesque front page and people were clicking through. And they still are! So thank you, 'Garim' (the poster), you've made my day.