Friday, May 16, 2008

Browncoat Cruise and Battlestar Friday

Did you know about the Browncoat Cruise?
I heard tales of it from people who were there - t'was the summer of '07 and a gallant ship set out from San Diego, California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and back on a journey of discovery and delights. Packed with Browncoats and celebrity guests, everyone enjoyed days of entertainment and relaxation, all without any Alliance interference. And now Kids Need To Read are auctioning two fantastic souvenirs from this unique event:

"A Browncoat Cruise Souvenir Program signed by Brian Wiser, producer of Done the Impossible and one of the cruise directors. Brian also designed, printed and made all the programs himself! This 30+ page, full color booklet includes bios of the guests, ads from your favorite Firefly/Serenity sources, and cover art by artist Adam Levermore-Rich (Lexigeek). Second, a limited edition (only 500 were made for the attendees) Browncoat Cruise Travel Poster measuring 17 x 22 inches. The poster bears the signatures of Ron Glass (Shepherd Book), Michael Fairman (Niska), Jonathan Woodward (Tracy), Nectar Rose (Lovebot), “Firefly Theme” vocalist Sonny Rhodes, The Bedlam Bards (Cedric & Hawke) and poster artist Adam Levermore-Rich. "

The auction is on eBay so cruise over and place a bid before the end of line on May 18th.

Battlestar Galactica
Ok, so I've not posted about BSG for a couple of weeks. Two reasons: lack of time and the fact it's so hard to post without spoilers! This last season is winding up to the huge and outstanding finale, and with lots happening to the crews, it's difficult to know what to say. Except - it rocks! So instead, I direct you to Pink Raygun. They have spoilers galore but if you want reasoned debate, incisive comments and hilarious explanations about BSG then this is the place to go. Just don't go if you need to be going out soon, and say I didn't warn you about the spoilers!