Thursday, May 1, 2008

Web Birthday, Monster Jobs and Indiana delights

15 years ago yesterday, the Interweb was born.
Well, in a way it was, because 15 years ago yesterday a document was signed that allowed the free use of the technology on which the WWW is built. The BBC had a particularly interesting article about this which features interviews and future predictions from some of the most influential web luminaries including Sir Tim Berners Lee, Professor Wendy Hall and Robert Cailliau. Most are upbeat about the future of the Internet (which is good), and Robert Scoble's contribution resonated very strongly with me:

"The web means everything to me: I use the web to talk to my friends, to keep in touch with people around the world, to buy things, to look things up, to do research.
I can't think of a part of my life that isn't touched by the web in some way."

Too true!

Monster Haiku and other delightfulness
The new auction from Kids Need To Read is a collection of wonderful books for children and adults., alike. 'Caught Creatures' (a book of monster haiku), 'After Halloween' (a rhyming/alphabet book about the jobs monsters have) and 'Klawberry' (about a cute, little monster girl in a not-so-lovely world) are all autographed by illustrator and graphic designer Daniel M. Davis. The auction is hosted on eBay so head over there and make your bid.

Harrison Ford, eh?
Yes, I have to admit to having the hugest crush on Harrison Ford for most of my younger years. Nerd or not, the only reason I watched Star Wars the first time was to see him. Ah. Yeah. Of course, being the mature adult I am, I am way past that stage now. Of course. And the reason I'll be heading off to see the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is because the kids want to. So imagine my horror when I saw this "George Lucas admits that he’s stopped trying to please his fans and that, if you previously liked the Indiana Jones adventures, they will be ruined for you if you see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. " pop up in my 'Pink Raygun' update. Lisa Fary's latest article does quote Lucas as saying that the Crystal Skull will disappoint, but she also tells us why we needn't be too worried. Still, fingers crossed...

PS: R2-D2 Projector
You know you want one...check it out.