Monday, May 19, 2008

Bombay Sapphire: Spirit of Exploration

Exciting news for your blogger!
A little while ago Ms Tabitha Grace Smith (you will know her from Buffy: Between the Lines / Joss'd/ Strangely Literal, but she also has a day job!) Tweeted about a new competition for bloggers. I went to the Bombay Sapphire website to find out more and was instantly attracted by two things. Firstly, the website is set in luscious blue tones that immediately say 'cool, classy and elegant' and secondly Bombay Sapphire is a premium Gin.

Spirit of Exploration - what's that?!
To enter I had to describe what the Spirit of Exploration meant me. Easy? Well, no. Once you start to think about it, it can mean so many things, could be approached from many angles. In the end the deadline approached which focused me enough to put some thoughts down about reading, writing, the Internet, Sci-fi and TV. And, of course David Attenborough. Perhaps those topics are not such a surprise...

Good News, Everyone!
The great news is that my entry was accepted and 'the last geek bus home' is now on the 'Bombay Sapphire: Spirit of Exploration Blog' Blogroll for May. And if you wish, you can vote for me over there - either follow the link above or the neat button you can see on the top right. My entry hasn't been published yet but as soon as it is, I'll let you know.