Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Shindig - win a Serenity Comic!

Join in the fun and maybe win a prize!

Universal are showing 'Out Of Gas', a Firefly fans favourite in glorious HD today. To celebrate the Mods on the Uni-HD boards have stumped up a great door prize for today's Firefly Shindig - a copy of 'Serenity - Better days #3'. This is all you need to do:

"To enter for the door prize you will have to post in the door prize thread that will open at or around 8 PM (EDT) and close between 8:15 PM and 8:30 PM.It's best to post between 8 PM and 8:15 if you want to win! The thread can be found HERE in the main Firefly Forums come Shindig time!"

This is a great prize and all you have to do is register on the Board and follow the above instructions for a chance to win that shiny comic. Couldn't be easier, plus by registering and participating it gets us that bit nearer to another Serenity movie. Everyone's a winner (well, there is only one door prize, but you know what I mean!). Don't forget to register in plenty of time and to check out timezones (for me it starts at 5.00 PM because I'm on Pacific Time).