Friday, May 16, 2008

Dollhouse Trailer and Doctor Horrible news

A Mid-Season Release for Dollhouse is confirmed.
It could be January 08 before the first episode is aired but the PR machine is working pretty much flat-out at the moment. There have been interviews with Joss at, 'Watch with Kristen' on and have an exclusive clip from the show. At there is a review (plus great cast photo) and the news that Dollhouse and Fringe are going to be "the recipients of a new Fox experiment they're calling "Remote-Free TV." In those two shows, for their entire season runs, commercial ad and promo time will be cut by half, with no more than five minutes of interruptions per hour for network commercial minutes." Now that does sound promising! Over at they have news that the first episode 'Echo' had completed filming and a great photo taken from inside the Dollhouse. We can be reassured that there certainly appears to be no expense spared...

Doctor Horrible - Joss Speaks!
In the same interview about Dollhouse, Joss talks about Doctor Horrible. It sounds like things got a little hectic for Joss at the end of the Strike:

"...And when we came back, Fox said instead of 3 1/2 months to write a script and a few months of prep time, we're shooting ["Dollhouse"] in two months. And we hadn't even fully broken an episode. And I had "Dr. Horrible" to shoot two weeks from then and no line producer for that. It was a time of work. The thing is, I wasn't going to abandon or short-shrift either project. You just can't. You can't put something out there with your name on it that isn't the most wonderful you can make it...We're dropping in the last effects and color-timing it right after upfronts, and then I'll be talking to people about how we can put it out. I would like to monetize it so I can not only say, 'Look, I can tell stories,' but people can be paid."

So we know it's going to be wonderful, and that the last effects are being done right now. And Kristen also mentions in her article that Joss might be looking for help promoting Doctor Horrible when the time comes. Well, I think that that will not be a problem! As for monetizing it so that people get paid? I'm very interested to see how that will pan out, and I sincerely hope it works out well.