Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Win a Signed Photo of Jewel Staite!

The ever-cheerful Kaylee is up for auction.
Kids Need To Read have another wonderful Firefly/Serenity auction at the moment that gives you the chance to bid for a fantastic 8x10 signed photo of Jewel Staite as Kaylee, the genius mechanic from Firefly and Serenity. Jewel is currently starring in 'Stargate: Atlantis' and has a very loyal fanbase - check out her MySpace page! The auction is on eBay so finish off your snowglobes and head over there before 30th May.

Why support Kids Need To Read?
Sometimes it seems like everyone is after your hard-earned cash. Well, that's because they are! If you support a foundation like Kids Need To Read, though, your money is doing more than allowing you to expand your collection. Your money goes towards funding literacy projects that put books into the hands of children who would otherwise not have them. Reading is such a fundamental part of society. Without a grasp of reading, children are doomed to never fully participate and will always be on the outside. Key to developing a lifelong reading habit is access to a wide range of books, and this is where Kids Need To Read are making a real difference. If you want to know more about the impact they are having, please go to their website and read the wonderful letters they have received from grateful schools and projects.

KNTR: Supernaturally Good!
And in more news this week, KNTR have announced that Team Winchester (a fan effort to promote the CW series Supernatural) has adopted Kids Need to Read as one of their official charities. Team Winchester have already donated an item for auction, so look out for that in the near future.