Thursday, May 29, 2008

Altered States and Heartaches

A confluence of events
Recently things have not been the same. That's funny - when is anything the same? But really, Life has a way of conspiring to kick you in the backside when you least expect it, forcing you to really be aware of what's going on. This particular chain of events started about 4 weeks ago now, but it's only today that it really started to make me feel it. And it was the simple act of deliberately listening to music that kicked me into consciousness today. That is a good thing.

Years ago....
I was in band with Hubby, my brother and a very dear friend we meet through my brother. He was the drummer. We rehearsed long and right, played hard and tight and toured the UK on a mini-tour. It was dirty, tough and some of the best times of our lives. Crammed into a Transit van we played some dives, some great venues and even a ship on the Thames. Those memories linger and I sometimes take out the CDs we released and play them, still in awe of how great we were (no point in being modest - we rocked). We never 'made it' but we released two CDs and nothing can compare to standing on stage, transported by the music, the lights, the sounds, the heat, the audience - altered consciousness that needs nothing more than being in that moment.

Time passes
Since the band finished we have kept in touch - Hubby I see everyday and my brother I speak to and email pretty regularly. But our drummer? Well, he was always on our minds. We shared so much that even though we didn't see each other from year to year he was there, a presence still. Life goes on and now he and his family are facing a big challenge. There are things going on, things that are not within anyone's power to control. So this is for you. You were always in our hearts and still are. Thousands of miles away, but you are with us. Peace and love.