Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harrison Ford Waxes “Acre” of his Chest Hair for Rainforest

Huh? Harrison Ford’s man-carpet unceremoniously torn off by a well-meaning esthetician ANALOGOUS to the logging, mining, cattle-ranching and hydro-electric-damming of the “lungs of the planet?” Wait, now I get it, Indiana Jones (IV!) star Ford wasn’t fearless enough to have a lung ripped out as an analogy, so right, chest hair — close enough. (Read More to see VIDEO).

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This is a great story found via Digg. And so relevant after the debate that's been raging on Pink Raygun about Jack Sheppard's chest hair! Normally, I think that men should keep whatever rug they have, but in Harrison's case I'll make an exception because it's for a good cause. Well worth checking out the video...