Monday, April 28, 2008

Serenity: Better days plus more Felicia HowIWoW

Comic, or graphic novel?
Now, I have a mixed history with comics. As I kid I loved them, couldn't wait for Saturday to come around to get 'Monster Fun'. In my head I remember it as a wonderful comic...then it merged with 'Buster' and it just wasn't the same. Luckily for me, though, my brother had started to get a brand new comic called '2000 A.D.' - thank Tharg for that! Eventually we grew out of it (and my mum, after reading 2000 A.D. encouraged this!) so no more comics. Hubby had a few comic collections and we brought them with us, but I never thought I would ever go back to buying them (if you want to know what a comic addition is like, try Wil Wheaton's blog about it!)Well, I was wrong....

Serendipity? No, Serenity.
Kids Need To Read recently had a auction where you could pre-order a copy of 'Serenity: Better Days', signed by Nathan Fillion. I had heard of this new series, written by Joss and had vaguely thought about buying them, but a signed one was just too good to miss. I was lucky enough to secure copy (they sold out very quickly). It was all organised by KNTR and Spazdogs Comics looked after the auction and the deliveries. I can't praise Spazdog highly enough, because not only did they answer my questions really quickly, they refunded the difference between what they had quoted for postage and what it actually cost. Not many places would do that. Anyway, it came today, lovingly wrapped and signed by Nathan in spanky silver ink. Boy, it looked good! So good, it took a while for me to open it.

Imagining more Firefly
But, eventually I succumbed and dived right in. The drawings are detailed with tones and hues just right (it's actually quite difficult to do low-light well in comics). The story is fast, furious and exactly how you might imagine storyboards for Firefly, except with all the added details and nuances you would expect from a quality Joss product. And the cliffhanger is a real conundrum - what will our heroes do next?! There isn't another series of Firefly, but at least we have the comics, and it's the next best thing.

Kapow! Now for HowIWoW: the quotes
After listening to the Felicia Day interview on last week I was moved to post here and Doctor Horrible. I also requested permission from Patrick and Shawn (the hosts) to put some quotes up, which they have gladly agreed to. Technically, I suppose I didn't have to ask, but manners cost nowt (nothing), as my gran used to say. I recommend you listen to it if you want to know whether any 'real' people live in LA. Felicia is witty, disarming and fun, and Shawn and Patrick are good interviewers. I have left out the discussion of Felicia's character in WoW due to anatomical considerations (if you've heard it you'll know...), and you'll have to listen for yourself if you want to know how the DDR video 'Thankyou' for The Guild came to be made! So here, for your delectation, are some Felicia quotes:

  • I don't have any use for cool people....LA is Highschool on steroids
  • People don't understand how cool gamers are
  • you are not going to anything great with your life unless you're doing what your passions need to please yourself
  • (About 'The Guild') I consider it a series just like CSI
  • It makes me mad when people act like I'm more important than I should be
  • Girls don't like to kill things, they like to talk (laughs)
  • It's really cool having a show with this much fan involvement
And about Doctor Horrible:
"...Joss Whedon saw The Guild and was impressed and wanted to do something on the Internet during the strike so he wrote the musical and asked if I can sing... so he cast me in this upcoming 3-part internet musical called Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog it stars.. Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris and I'm in it and it's going to be amazing...I saw a rough cut... and it's like breathtaking...(even) without special effects...there's no set date (for the release), he actually did it himself... but (it will be) before Comic-Con - end of May, June, July it's not decided."

There you have it. Now go listen for yourself!