Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angels, Bond Girls and Monkeys

Is Bond a Superhero?
I think not. He's a man. A man with gadgets, sharp suits, changing faces and a mission. But a man. How about Bond girls then? They always filled me with a curious blend of hope and despair. Yes, some are smart and sassy, take control etc etc. But then they always seem to be there only as a foil for Bond. Maybe that's inevitable because it is his show, but still...When watching Bond (in any of his many incarnations) I have to suspend the part of my brain that gets irritated about things like that and just enjoy the ride. Which I mostly do. Enjoy, I mean.

New Bond Girl - Not Hot But Geeky?
So it was with a familiar feeling of frustration that I saw the headline on MSN today 'Gemma: My Bond character is a geek.' I'm sure she really didn't mean any offence but I gritted my teeth when I read the first paragraph: 'Gemma Arterton has denied that girls will be jealous of her role in the next Bond film - because her character is a geek.' Of course. It's all clear to me now. Geek+girl= social pariah. *Sigh* Where's a Pink Raygun when you need it...

Angelic Superheroes!
At least I'm sure that the current auction from Kids Need To Read does actually contain superheroes. And possibly angels! They are auctioning a fantastic "collectible for comic book enthusiasts – Issues 1 through 4 of the Wall of Angels series, bound into a single volume and signed by creator and writer Anthony Garcia....also... a convention favorite – a beautiful, 10″x16″, full-color Wall of Angels poster drawn by artist Paul Cartwright." The artwork is stunningly sumptuous and the reviews I've read of the comics are very positive. You can also try the Twentytosix.com website for more details. Another great auction on eBay that closes on the 25th April.

Yep, of the Terrify’n Space kind, that is! Kids Need To Read are now selling these cute little critters on eBay. They're not signed but they are cuddly!