Friday, April 4, 2008

Got that Friday feeling - Galactica Actual!

Only hours to go before the start of BSG Season 4
And how excited are we? On a scale of 1 to 10, frakking orbital! We eventually got to see the DVD I so expertly recorded last Friday of the Battlestar Galactica hour from Space (yes, I did record the right thing!). It was great but....we want more! Enough teasing already. Watching Joss (and I think there were other people, also) on 'The Phenomenon' talking about how much they love Galactica was brilliant.

Give us a break!
The only little thing was...the commercial breaks! Now, I've said before that I miss the BBC and this is for 3 main reasons: the news, the programs and the fact that there are no adverts. I don't watch much TV (I've got my boxsets to keep me warm) and I can't get used to the commercials every 2 minutes. Show title of show - Adverts! Show first 2 mins - Adverts! Get you back into story - Adverts! There are even adverts between the end of the show and the credits for the show! How does that make sense? Yes, I know that it's all to do with revenue for the infinity-plus-one channels but I hate it. I'm just glad I am Geek and I rule technology. I'm sure there's a fast forward on this gorram remote...

Later, on this blog...
Joss Whedon's Journal and a Felicia Day update (possibly).