Saturday, April 5, 2008

Full Burn Update and more Felicia news

A busy time was had today!
The Universal HD Message Boards were running on full power this afternoon (for me it was afternoon, anyway!) for the Operation Full Burn Shindig. Universal were showing the Firefly pilot episode in glorious HD and a whole lot of Browncoats turned up on the message boards for mudders milk, hot bao and a chance to visit with each other. The 'Shindig Thread' only opened an hour before the pilot was due to show but a quick check back now shows that there were 201 replies and 1, 423 views in about 4 hours. That is a stunning amount, especially when you count the fact that there were other Browncoats around on other threads at the same time! Your intrepid reporter (me) was there to experience the event and it was utterly brilliant to be among so many like-minded folk. Stories were swapped, the opening song was sung, regular updates from those lucky enough to be watching in HD and new friends made. For a couple of hours it felt like the Serenity sequel must happen, and soon! I'm hoping we will get some solid figures for how many Browncoats were on the Message Boards today and I'll report back when I know. Happy times, better days.

Can't stop the signal
And because Browncoats are such friendly folk there is going to be another Shindig next week for The Train Job. Now, even folk who had never posted before got involved today, so if you have never been on a message board before this would be the ideal time for you to try it. You will be welcome with open arms and made to feel right at home. It will be a whole new experience and a chance to be part of something special.

Can you keep up with Felicia Day?
Not sure I can! Not content with The Guild, her blog, the sketch show, her acting career (recently Doctor Horrible, ad work and new film 'Prairie Fever' out this year) and everything else she is doing, she found time for an interview with Dynamic Forces. There is a link from her blog to this quite in-depth piece that reveals everything from online gaming to violin practice to whether she would pose for Maxim.

And if that wasn't enough...
She also found the time to post a comment on my blog. What a sweetie! You will find it under 'Change of times/dates for Felicia Day's shows'. In fact, it's the second time Felicia has commented on the site, but the first time I completely failed to realise it was her. Doh! Ok, she used 'Codex' as her nick and I thought she was someone else. It was only a couple of days afterwards that it suddenly clicked that Codex was the character she plays in The Guild. Boy, did I feel foolish! Still, all is forgiven (thankfully!).