Monday, April 14, 2008

Hats off to Buffy!

Happy Birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar
She turns 31 today. With at least one film being released this year ('Possession', scheduled for October release) and several others in production/postproduction, Sarah will be as busy as ever. Always renown for her hard-working and professional attitude to acting, she has not stopped since the end of Buffy, some five years ago. Let's just hope that her birthday goes much more smoothly than any Buffy ever had!

How not to celebrate...
And it's not only Buffy that has birthdays that could go better. In Episode 10 of Buffy: Between the Lines, Dawn's birthday finds her still trying to find out where she fits into a life without parents and Buffy. The series is set between Seasons 5 and 6 of Buffy and this is a great episode to get your teeth into. And while you're over on the Buffy: Between the Lines website, you might want to check out their kind review of my recent 'Podcasts, audio dramas and fanfics...' blog.

Short and sweet
That's it for today - computer problems and extra tough work calling! Tomorrow we'll hopefully hear some more from Joss Whedon's Journal among many other exciting things...