Friday, April 25, 2008

Saturday Review - Firefly HD, Battlestar Galactica plus sounds good!

'Shindig' in HD - tonight!
We have more reason than usual to thank Universal this Saturday. Not only are they shipping (at their cost) extra copies of 'Serenity' to the US in preparation for Can't Stop The Serenity, they are continuing the run of Firefly on HD. 'Shindig' is one of my favourite episodes, and has some great humorous touches, from Kaylee called Mal 'Cap'n Tightpants' to Mal stabbing the defeated Atherton at the end (see IMDb for a list of great 'Shindig' quotes). Now, for fear of being repetitive and boring, you can also celebrate by heading over to the Universal HD Firefly Message boards to join in the online fun. You can check out what time it starts using the 'Countdown Clock'.

Battlestar Galactica - Sitrep
We went out yesterday evening, and had a wonderful time. I know you wanted to know that. But, horror of horrors! I only realised when we got back that we had missed BSG.... It took some checking of the cable schedule to find that yes, it's being repeated today. Thank goodness. At least we can postpone the argument about who's fault it was! Hubby says it's mine because obviously he has no idea how to program the DVD recorder, so it's not his responsibility. I contend that since I always have to set it up, the least he can do is remind me. Jury is out on that one.

Sounds of Life
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was a ground-breaking national institution in England. I remember my brother had one of their 'sound effect' records (yes, I mean actual vinyl) that we used to listen to, imagining all the weird and scary things that could make those noises. There is a fascinating article in the BBC Magazine yesterday which highlights how the men and women of the Workshop managed to produce such diverse and unique effects. The definite sounds of my Sci-fi youth, including the TARDIS, the Daleks and Quatermass and the Pit, were all created by the Workshop using equipment such as a key, a lampshade and Swarfega gel. It has video clips, too, which are well worth a look (and listen).

Freelance Switch
In a wonderful example of Twitter serendipity, I stumbled across John Brougher, and from there I found Freelance Switch. I'm a freelance writer and this is a wonderful resource. The website has forums, classifieds and also Freelance Radio - weekly podcasts. Now I'm still getting my head around all this new stuff, but these podcasts are really great. They are hosted by John with a panel and they are a great way to find out how other people make their living freelancing. I listened to the latest podcast, episode 13, which looks at the type of feedback you can expect as a freelancer. The speakers were all very knowledgeable and gave some interesting insights into how to deal with unwanted and unhelpful comments about your work. They also looked at whether you should share unrelated ideas with a client and ways to get around freelancers block. And it's just great to know you are not alone, sitting at your laptop in your kitchen all day, wondering if your manuscript is going to work this time.....