Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do you do Who?

Doctor, that is.
The new season of Doctor Who started in the UK last week and I've been trying to keep away from anything remotely spoiler-y since then. It will probably be some time before it airs over here in Canada and the temptation to sneak a preview here or there is very high. We watched it regularly when we were in England, with the kids in the traditional viewing position of behind the sofa. Another reminder of how much I miss the BBC! A thread on the Doctor Horrible message board reminded me of what happened last Christmas when I decided to treat Hubby to a boxset or two (so we could all enjoy them).

English, eh?
I toddled off to HMV in my local Mall to buy Hubby a present. I couldn't find it out in the shop (store) so I queued at the counter to ask. It was quite near Christmas so it was fairly busy. Eventually it was my turn and the young guy behind the counter asked if he could help me.
"Yes, " said I, in my wonderful British accent. "Do you have any Doctor Who DVD boxsets?"

To which he replied, straight from a bad joke "Doctor Who?"

I resist the temptation to say "Yes, that's it!" and said again "Any Doctor Who DVDs?"

We are both now confused. I don't know if he hasn't understood me (it happens - sometimes people are so engrossed in my 'neat' accent they don't listen to the words) or if, by some freakish accident, he hasn't heard of Dr Who. "We've got Doctor House, if that helps?" he adds, the expression on his face is 'you are so old and foreign I don't even know if you're human, but I'm trying to appear as if I want to help'. I feel like I want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

"No, I mean Doctor Who. It's a series on TV...well, British TV...maybe you don't have it here.." I stumble over my words, knowing that I've completely lost him. "I guess you don't have it over here...." I say, turn around and shuffle out of the shop, feeling vaguely humiliated.

That's why you should only buy things via the Internet.

Softwire arrives!
Like the two Softwire books from PJ Haarsma I've been waiting for that I ordered from Amazon. They've now arrived and I'm really looking forward to reading them later this week. I've already been warned that they are un-put-downable so I've locked them away until Friday, when hopefully my other work will be done. The covers look great and I've sneaked a quick peek inside, which was enough to convince me I had to put them away...another incentive to work more quickly, so I'd better get back to it!