Saturday, April 12, 2008

Counting Down, Counting Up

Operation Full Burn needs you!
I've just checked on the Countdown Clock and it's less than 8 hours until the Shindig on the Universal HD Message Boards. Plenty of time to get organised, get yourself registered and head over to the Message Boards. The Shindig was a great success last week and at just before 8 PM Eastern Standard Time it's happening again as Universal air 'The Train Job' in glorious HD. Don't be shy, come on down!

Battlestar Galactica - actually so good (no spoilers)
So, another episode nearer the end, and the surprises, tension and emotion are ramping up and up. All the actors in this fine ensemble are so talented, the scenes set so well, the writing so precise, that it is hard to remember it is 'just' a TV show. There is no point trying to second guess what is happening, what might happen, there's just no point. Whatever you think will be turned on its head so I've given it up. I just watch it go. That's not to say it's a passive experience, far from it. There might have been tears in my eyes last night...So many feelings! But not in the Calculon (from Futurama), declamatory "Now I am experiencing the emotion of 'SADNESS/ANGER/JOY'" way. The body language and expressions are so good, dialogue is often not necessary and so is not used. Which is a welcome relief! It's hard to pick out one actor out of so many great actors, but I must say that James Callis continues to fascinate as Doctor Baltar. In turns deeply moving and comic, his struggles with himself (!) are priceless.

When did you last write a 'Thank you' letter?
I'm trying to recall the last one I did, and struggling. I think I sent an email a while back...Which makes me appreciate how special the letters from the children featured on the Kids Need To Read website really are. I reported that another set of books had been delivered to two more schools. Well, the children from one of the schools have put pen to paper to write to KNTR to show them how much the donation has meant to them. It is not from the teachers (though they might have encouraged them), it is from the children themselves. The gift of books has meant so much to them personally that they have written thank you letters. Try and make the time to read the letters. Books. That's all they are. But they represent so much potential and the children really get that. It makes you think. Really, it does.

Later, in this Blog
A reminder and update about the Universal HD Message Boards Train Job Shindig (what a mouthful!).