Thursday, April 3, 2008

New cast announcement for Dollhouse

Televisionary breaks the news
British actress Olivia Williams is to join the cast. Read more details on the Televisionary blog (it contains mild spoilers about the character she is to play). With filming only 3 weeks away we can be sure there will be more news from the Dollhouse very soon.

Saturday 5th April at 8 PM - what will you be doing?
Joining the fun on the Universal HD message boards, hopefully! Operation Full Burn is stepping up to make sure that there are as many Browncoats as possible lurking and posting on the Firefly Message Board just before 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. It doesn't cost anything, it doesn't require you to do anything other than go to the message board (lurkers are welcome, too) but it is your opportunity to take part in a direct action that might have fantastic consequences. Universal will look at the numbers and we want the message to be clear - give us Serenity 2!

How many Browncoats are there?
What a good question! This was posed on the message board and there is no simple answer. Anonymous1 has posted some really interesting figures, though, and in the end, it is money and figures that will determine whether a sequel/mini-series/webisodes are made. So haul your hides onto the Universal message boards on Saturday and be just a number. For once, that might be enough.

Do you live in LA?
Well first off, good for you! And also, good for you because you have the opportunity to see the delightful Felicia Day at The McCadden Place Theatre on Saturday, twice! Her sketch show is actually on at 8 pm on both Friday and Saturday but on Saturday at 10.30 she and fellow Guilders Zaboo and Jeff Lewis are doing an improv show. A chance to see the lovely star of The Guild, Buffy and Doctor Horrible in the flesh? If only I could make it over there, I would. Something to tell the kids in the future. See Felicia's blog for more information.

Did I mention Operation Full Burn yet?
Now, what else is happening on Saturday? Yes, Operation Full Burn. So what's a soul to do if you live in LA? Obviously you log into the Message Board first and then leave your 'always on' connection on while you go clap and cheer Ms Day and friends (not an option for those with dial-up, I know, but we all do what we can).

And I have a confession to make about Felicia, but I'll leave that until tomorrow. I'm still trying damage-limitation at this point...