Monday, April 21, 2008

Girl Geeks and Pink Rayguns

Do you wear girlpants or boypants?
That might be a bit presumptuous, but it is relevant for today's discussion (honest!). I, myself, wear girlpants and I am also a girl. Ordinarily I wouldn't have bothered to put this. I like the sexlessness of the Internet.
[Reader (there is one): "Are you kidding - the Internet has brought 'sex' to the masses like never before!? You are a fool and a simpleton!"
My gentle reply: "Oh dear reader, you are indeed discerning in your tastes in that you read my blog almost frequently, but I must make a slight correction. I meant only that I chose my name to be one that could be either male or female, because I feel that gender is not important in this sphere. You are right to correct me, but next time no name calling. Or else."]

Closet geek
For years I've been a closet geek, hiding my obsessions from most people. In my previous life it was fine - I was a geek at work because I 'did computer stuff' and everything else (the Buffy DVDs, the Angel DVDs, Lord of The Rings, the hours on the Internet....) were completely separate, like oil and water and a....third unmeshable thing. Where I grew up, girls didn't like computer games, computers or sci-fi, and a girl has to hide what a girl has to hide.

Geek, born again
Now, I am still in the closet. Make no mistake about that. I'm all growed up but old habits die hard. But I've opened the door enough to peep out and see what's going on in the outside world. One of the great things I discovered, via the Buffy: Between the Lines website, was Pink Raygun. Now, it is not, as I hesitantly thought when I heard the name, a website catering for adults with time (and other things) on their hands. Well, it is, but not in that way. It is aimed at female geeks (those wearing boypants are allowed, though) and I've just spent far more time than I should in the name of 'research' looking at what it has to offer.

A cornucopia of geekness
Ooh, and what treats it has! It is billed as a "webzine for the modern fangirl. A place to discuss and read about science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of their forms...". When you enter the 'Intergalactic Law' cartoons grab your attention first off and they are very good, very funny and oh so true. Then you realise that there is so much that you want - no must! - read. A great article about Buffy:Between the Lines, a brilliant series about Firefly, must-not-look-at-'Cylon says'-for-fear-of-spoilers, Buffy, Xena, Heroes....if you have an interest (obsession has such bad connotation these days) then chances are you can pander to it here. Just don't blame me if you find yourself, two hours later, still there with all your work not done.