Thursday, April 10, 2008

Counting down to the weekend

Getting ready for geek overload!
So, have you got your plans made for the weekend? Yep, me too. Gonna get myself all prepared for fun in a bun. It requires some planning (DVD recorder? - check! Remember how to program it? - it'll come back to me! TV guide? - that's what the internet is for!). Friday sees the next installment of Battlestar Galactica and I have no idea what is going to happen, not a clue as to who will do what next and I'm all the happier for that. I'll record it then watch, undisturbed, when the kids are asleep. And then I'll watch it again when hubby has finished work, being very careful not to look, move or make any sound that might betray what's going to happen next. Yes, Friday night doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday afternoon delight
Then, there's Saturday afternoon to look forward to. Last week saw a fantastic turnout on the Universal HD Message Boards (at least double the number of a usual Saturday) for the airing of the Firefly Pilot in glorious HD. This week 'The Train Job' is being shown and there's another Shindig arranged. Now I'm not great with time zones but luckily that's all been taken care of courtesy of Cordrone, one of the Mods (moderators) on the Universal boards. If you follow this link it will count you down to the Shindig wherever you are. Even I can get my head around that! So see you there.

Sunday down-time
And hopefully, tomorrow I will take delivery of my shiny new Softwire books, which means that I can spend Sunday in a world of my own. Or, more precisely, P J Haarsma's world. Another good reason to be looking forward to this weekend. Just got to get through Friday day, first!

Joss Whedon's Journal
Joss deals with plots and plots (the edits are necessarily so as not to spoil the show)


Joss' Journal February 2nd
There can only be one. Boss, that is. I like it to be me. I like to know where I'm going (broad strokes, you understand, I don't need to know all the parts). Most people get that and assimilate quite easily. Others, not so much. Of course, when you're related to people it makes it more difficult.
So, Minions then. After carefully crafting a raft of characters (ooh, that was good! You'd never know I'd not slept) I'm now faced with the prospect of fitting in a new, unwanted character. I thought the whole idea was that we were free from restraints, The Man was not going to interfere here, no siree. Well Minion/homeless #X needs a role and it's up to me to sort it. Apparently it's my Minion so I've got to do it. Where's the writers room when you need it?
Still.... we can move the story on if we have someone [....] with [...] in the [...] and then [...]. Yes! That might just work! And it solves the problem of [...]! The Aria is saved!
That's why I'm the boss.