Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Guild, Dollhouse and Buffy Paley updates

Episode 9 - Owning Bladezz
Felicia Day has updated her blog with news that the next episode of her webseries 'The Guild' has been posted on YouTube. Needing to deal with the video problem Bladezz left them with, the rest of the gang found the lever needed to convince him to capitulate. Another funny gem from the team! I watched it first this morning and there were already 10,000 views. Going back 2 hours later and there are more than 13, 000 views. If you haven't seen any of them yet try for links to all the episodes plus news, awards and message boards.

Dollhouse - new cast member
The Hollywood Reporter has Alan Tudyk in it's headlines yesterday because he is to star in a new, as yet untitled, ABC comedy pilot. Among the other news in the article is the update that Harry Lennix has joined the Dollhouse cast.

Buffy Reunion at the Paley
There are now video highlights for all the PaleyFest events on the Paley website, including the Buffy Reunion. It's a short clip but it does feature a little footage of the stars taking the stage and Joss and Sarah talking about the show. News also on the Paley site is that the whole of the Buffy Reunion event including 'Once More, With Feeling' and the Panel is going to be shown at the New York Paley on Friday, April 25; 6:00 to 8:15 pm. There is free entry for Paley members who RSVP and tickets are on sale for $10. A great opportunity for any Buffy fans in the area, check the site for details.

Joss Whedon's Journal
With the WGA Strike grinding on, Joss is still on the front line


Joss' Journal February 7th
It a good thing to be on the picket line. Well, not a good thing in that we shouldn't have to picket, but, you know what I mean. Everyone has been so supportive and so good to see the troupes (geddit!) turn up. But the interviews! Man! I love to talk, sure, but I'd rather hear the Other Side doing some talking of the good variety instead of me getting all worked up. And it leaves little time for other things.

But I did A Good Thing, held up my Board and helped a potential to make their debut. It was a small enough thing and I'm happy to spend my picketing time doing something useful other than interviews, autographs (I got some good ones!), eat pizza. And doughnuts. And ...well, you get the picture. And I'll be there again for the Sci-Fi day, the Why Don't They Just Listen Day and the Better Agree Soon day.