Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't forget - a busy Firefly and Felicia night tonight!

I am so excited!
This weekend is turning out to be pretty special for a number of reasons, and later on I'll tell you about them, possibly in song or list form. There might be interpretive dance, but no promises on that score...

Felicia first
Felicia Day has blogged this morning about her experiences last night. After a last minute time-change and then other problems The Guild Improv didn't happen. Thankfully, the sketch show did happen so the fan(s) were not too disappointed. I think it says something about a person when they can openly say they made a mistake, try to correct it and then take the time to personally thank the person who did show up (and shared Doughboy yummies with him!).

So just to confirm -there is no Guild Improv tonight at 10.30. There is another Improv scheduled for April 19th in Santa Monica, more details to follow. But there is still the Lady Sketch Show on tonight at 8.00 at The McCadden Place Theatre (see Felicia's other blog entry for address details). You know if you can make it then you are guaranteed a good night out and you will be able to say you saw the ladies just prior to their international super-stardom. That's got to be worth a trip out.

Universal HD Message Boards - sitrep!
I know you know that you also need to be reporting in at the Universal HD Firefly Message Board for Operation Full Burn soon(ish) - just before 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. There is even a countdown so that you log on in time (handy for those tricky time zones calculations)! If you can join the boards (it's very easy and I can honestly say I have not had any spam or unwanted emails since I signed up) that's best because them Universal folks like to know we're not all the same person. If you don't want to sign up, that's cool too - just follow this link and be there. Any guesses on how many will come? I know - log on, and you can see for yourself!