Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools day - what have we learned?

Clearly, I need to remember not to press 'return' at the wrong time.
Which would then stop me publishing posts before I mean to. But apart from that, I learned another good lesson.

Rick and Roll
We are not safe from Rick Astley! Just when the horrors of the 80s and 90s are starting to fade for me, poor old Rick is popping up everywhere. Yes, dear reader, I have been Rick Rolled. And by whom, you ask? None other than Felicia Day. And I had just added her as a friend on MySpace, too! The indignity of it. I trusted her - she's a geek overlord for flip's sake! Say with me: "I will check the comments first. I will check the comments first...". I hope you're feeling pleased with yourself, young lady!

Not alone
At least I can comfort myself with the thought that I'm not alone. Apparently the wacky youngsters with far too much time on their hands are at it all over the place. According to Wikipedia (and so it must be true!) 13 million internet users have been Rick Rolled in March 2008. If only this power could be harnessed for the good! I like this article from which shows a graphic of what Rick Astley would never do. If you are at all familiar with his hit 'Never gonna give you up' this will raise a smile.

Buffy: Between The Lines is recasting the whole cast
Or not. The front page article is a great example of April madness made slightly believable because they have been casting recently. I really hope that the cast knew it was going to happen because those guys are really dedicated and I'd hate to see grown scoobies, vampires and slayers cry.