Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Buffy, Battlestar and Firefly...how are they linked?

The writer Jane Espenson, of course!
In an io9 interview with the great writer herself she explains how different the writing process was between Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, talks about the 'cylon bible' (not what you think!) and how cylon models differ. All in a spoiler-free way.

Talking of Battlestar...
Season 3 is now in the bag - watched and exclaimed over! Seriously, you have to see it before this Friday when Season 4 starts. So many good bits, none of which I can talk about without getting into spoiler-city. There is one part, though, that I think I can discuss without giving anything away. We find out that one of the characters was born and raised on a planet where they talk like they come from Northern England! Seriously! Battlestar does not have many laughs, and certainly not many unintentional laughs, but me and hubby burst out laughing when this person slipped into their 'native' dialect. It was like they were channelling the spirit of Sean Bean though, thankfully, Sean is very much alive and kicking. It were great! Speaking as a Northerner myself it was an unexpected pleasure to hear those (less-than-) dulcet tones. It only enhanced my viewing pleasure, and was right well done. Still makes me smile just to think on it. Aye, it does that.

Later today...Buffy Paley and Firefly/Serenity updates, Joss Whedon's Journal and why this blog is in three pieces.