Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Buffy Paley, Firefly/Serenity and Joss' Journal...

And there's more!
There have been so many reviews of the Buffy Reunion at the Paley that I thought I would do a list of some of the best ones for us all to use. If I've missed one out that you think should be there please let me know:

Thefutoncritic - the blog that was live, but not posted live (but was still really good)
TV guide - Matt Rousch introduced the panel at the Paley and this is the text version
Buzzsugar - some great quotes and a video clip
IGN.com - really in-depth with pictures, too
TV.com Forums - gives a snippet from each of the panel
MTV Review - good, if too brief, review
Mycelebrityencounters.com - includes a good review of the Buffy panel and pictures
Dreamwatch/Total Sci-fi - with some quotes from the Q&A
SuperJer.com - report from fan Andrew Kern includes an MP3

I wonder if they will all ever get together again?

Well, we had the news from Jewel Staite posted on Serenity2.net earlier this week saying that she was recording for a new release of Firefly (could this be Blu-ray?). There is all to play for and all these campaigns are still going:

Operation Full Burn - don't forget to join the Universal HD message boards this Saturday (the 5th)
Faces of Serenity - aimed to show Universal how much fans are committed to Firefly/Serenity by detailing every purchase
Serenity day 2008 - a fund-raiser for charities and a chance to show Universal that the people need a sequel. Lots of events including showings of Serenity, auctions and mass-purchases and chances to meet up with local Browncoats.
Youchoose.net - various campaigns for Serenity/Firefly
Richlabonte.net - Vote for top 5 TV shows. For a great breakdown of the results see the FireFly Fans.net messageboard

If you know of other campaigns let me know and I'll update the list.

Joss Whedon's Journal
In which the stress of the last few weeks is finally taking it's toll...

Joss' Journal January 52nd 08

I'm guessing at the date. Let me see, seeing N today, F again tomorrow, was singing with Z on Thursday, something about a strike yesterday, slept last week, didn't use phone for 20 mins 3 (or was it 4?) days ago, finished last draft 25 secs ago. Yep. Must be the 52nd.
Needed coffee. And you know what? I made it myself. Minions all busy busy busy doing good good good deeds. I'm not sure I made it right, but I think I can now see the last 5 cylons....I can hear a Viper! Starbuck! Wait for me....!