Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New release of Firefly is confirmed!

A Blu-Ray release of Firefly is coming...
Whedonesque has a link to TVshowsondvd.com today. TVshow... contacted FOX after Jewel Stait had mentioned at her recent appearance at the recent Supanove Expo in Melbourne that she was recording a commentary for a new release (see serenity2.com for more details of Jewel's Q & A session). The new release is still at the planning stages so far so no word on when it will be out, but this has to be good news for fans!

New Auction for Kids Need To Read - collectors item!
A signed copy of 'The Search for the Red Dragon' by author and illustrator James A. Owen is now being auctioned on ebay. The first book in the series The Chronicles of the Imaginaruim Geographica is called 'Here, They Be Dragons' has already in it's sixth printing and has been picked up by Warner Brothers for a film. Not only is this copy of 'The Search for the Red Dragon' signed by James A. Owen, it also has an original sketch by him on the title page. You can see more details and pictures on the KNTR auction page. A great opportunity to buy what will surely be a well-loved book.

'The Guild' has a spanky new site
Anyone wondering what 'The Guild' phenomenon is all about can now check for themselves even more easily at the newly-updated WatchtheGuild.com. 'The Guild' stars Felicia Day as Codex, a person who has trouble making boundaries between her on-line life as Codex (a healer in a World of Warcraft-type game) and 'real' life, especially when her online 'friends' meet up in real life. Don't worry if you have never played a computer game in your life - these videos will strike a chord with you. Who hasn't angst-ed over the conflict when two parts of their existence collide?! The characters are fully-fleshed and the situations all-too-believable, so it's no wonder that 'The Guild' has already won awards. And speaking of awards, because fans voted in such high numbers for the YouTube Award for Best Series (which 'The Guild' won hands-down) there is an hilarious reward, as promised by Felicia. Check out the 'Latest Video' on the front page for proof that even beautiful actresses can sometimes be, should we say, less than graceful...